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Virtual Community Workshop #2


Welcome to Virtual Community Workshop #2. The same information here was presented in person at the following dates and locations:

January 31, 2023  at Mountainside High School

February 13, 2023 at Surprise City Hall

February 22, 2023 at Surprise City Hall

The Virtual Workshop has the following three components:

  1. Presentation

  2. Board Survey

  3. Map Activity

To participate in the Virtual Community Workshop, please complete all three components and give your feedback in the survey and map activity.

Virtual Community Workshop #2: Bio

1- Presentation

This presentation was pre-recorded and also presented at the in-person community workshop. The presentation slides are also available for download below. Please watch the presentation above for information on the project before completing Step 2.

Virtual Community Workshop #2: Video

2- Board Survey

The boards from the in-person workshop can be downloaded via the download button and have been translated into an interactive survey for virtual participation. Please give your feedback in the embedded survey below and use the "Next" button to navigate to the next page until the survey is complete. To ensure your feedback is submitted, please select the "Done" button at the end of the survey.

Virtual Community Workshop #2: Video
Virtual Community Workshop #2: HTML Embed

3- Land Use & Transportation Mapping Activity

Join in the interactive mapping activity to identify areas you would like to see changed or better addressed relative to Land Use or Transportation.

Virtual Community Workshop #2: Video

Thank you for your participation!

Virtual Community Workshop #2: Text
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